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Shamanic Energywork

It's time to reclaim your Self.

Embarking on a shamanic energywork session is an invitation to dive into the depths of your being and embark on a sacred journey of profound healing and self-reclamation. From the moment we enter the ritual space, a transformational experience begins to unfold. With utmost compassion and guidance, I create a nurturing container where the realms of the physical and spiritual seamlessly merge.

During our three-hour session, you will immerse yourself in a transformative journey with Spirit. The session can be customized to fit your specific needs and can be divided into one, two, or three segments as required. To ensure your psychospiritual needs are met, I will gather essential information through a preliminary form, allowing me to determine the optimal distribution of our time together for the most effective shamanic work.

With the aid of drumming, rattling, and other powerful techniques, I create a sacred container that serves as a catalyst for profound shifts in consciousness. This may lead you into an altered state of awareness, where you can explore the depths of your being, reconnect with ancestral memories, and establish a connection with spiritual guides who offer guidance and support.

During the session, I serve as a compassionate guide, assisting you in navigating the realms of the unseen and accessing the healing energies and insights available to you. I may perform energy clearings, soul retrievals, or other shamanic techniques to restore harmony, release energetic blockages, and promote wholeness. This process can be intense, but I will be with you every step of the way ensuring you feel safely held.

As you journey through the realms of shamanic healing, you may experience profound emotional releases, deep spiritual insights, and a reconnection to your innate power and vitality. The healing energies and wisdom received during the session can have lasting effects, helping you to integrate trauma, heal old wounds, and bring balance and alignment to your mind, body, and spirit. Participating in shamanic healing offers a gateway to self-discovery, inner transformation, and a greater connection to the web of life and the sacred forces that guide us all.

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Are you ready to embark on a powerful healing journey and take the next step towards personal transformation?


Schedule your transformative shamanic energywork session today and experience the profound shifts and deep healing that await you.

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