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Economic Justice Policy

While I've set my prices to what I believe to be a fair rate for my skill, education and experience, I do not expect all of my clients to pay the full price. As a part of my work to be in right relation with the ancestors of this land and in solidarity with those most marginalized in our society, I've adopted the following economic justice framework.
I encourage you to read it through, so you can make an empowered and honest decision that honors your current socioeconomic location when booking services with me. 

Start at full price if you fit most of the following....

Are white or white passing

Are comfortably able to meet your basic needs such as food, housing, and transportation

Own your own home or rent a higher end property

Are fully employed or do not need to work to meet your needs

Have access to some financial savings and/or generational wealth

Have expendable income, are able to take vacations, time off from work, etc. 

Start at 25% off if you fit any of the following:

You identify as Black or Indigenous.

You are disabled, and this impacts your access to financial resources.

You are neurodivergent, and this impacts your access to financial resources.

You are regularly stressed about meeting your basic needs and don't always attain them.

Take an additional 5-10% for each of the following that apply:

You identify as a non-Black, non-Indigenous POC.

You identify as trans or gender non-conforming.

Though you regularly stress about meeting financial needs, you usually meet them.

You have no savings or access to generational wealth.

You are actively involved in social justice and/or advocacy work for marginalized groups.

Thank you for taking the time to read this framework.

Please apply the following discounts according to your inner wisdom in light of its content at checkout.

5% - EQUITY05

10% - EQUITY10

15% - EQUITY15

20% - EQUITY20

25% - EQUITY25

30% - EQUITY30

35% - EQUITY35

40% - EQUITY40 

45% - EQUITY45

50% - EQUITY50

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