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About Me

Welcome, fellow traveller! 


I am a death doula and psychospiritual guide based in the vibrant community of Boulder, CO, where I strive to bring comfort, guidance, compassionate care to those navigating the profound transitions of life and death. With a deep reverence for the benefits of mindfulness and a passion for understanding the intricate workings of the human psyche, I am currently pursuing my Master's degree in Mindfulness-Based Transpersonal Counseling at Naropa University, following my interest in psychedelic-facilitated therapy. This academic journey allows me to explore the powerful intersection of the mind, body, spirit, and the universal truths that connect us all.

My journey in the helping professions began with studying first music therapy and later adaptive music education. During my studies, I gained experience as an in-home caregiver, worked in an adolescent psychiatric facility, and served as a hotline crisis prevention specialist in a community mental health setting. It was while working at this hotline that I experienced my own crisis of consciousness, which profoundly changed me. Perhaps the most startling shift during this time was the realization that I was experiencing psychic phenomena. Prophetic dreams, waking visions, and a loss of touch with consensus reality accompanied this turbulent time in my life, but I continued to trust the small voice that was growing louder inside of me. 

Although it may have seemed risky, I made the decision to discard the psychiatric medications prescribed by my doctor. Prior to and during my psychospiritual awakening, my mental health had eluded successful treatment, with medications exacerbating my struggles. I did not yet have evidence, but I felt deep in my soul that they were not the way out of my struggles. 


Following a series of serendipitous encounters, I found myself in the hands of a Reiki practitioner whose healing touch and intuitive gifts set me on a completely new path, clearing me of a fog that had felt as though it had been over me for years. She foresaw my future as a tarot reader, and soon after, I acquired my first deck, embarking on a self-taught journey as a tarot reader and psychic medium.

Tarot provided me with a tool to channel my budding psychic gifts, but it also quickly revealed itself as a tool for self-development. In subsequent years, I expanded my abilities by receiving training in Reiki, further unlocking my intuitive potential. Since 2019, I have provided readings and energy clearings, honing my keen intuition and innate ability to tap into the unseen realms.

In particular, my time working as a freelance psychic while living in my camper in 2021 was extremely informative on my praxis. Living as a transient being affords you all kinds of opportunities to be in relation with people who you would never have dreamt of meeting, or at least that was my experience. The diversity of my clientele only continued to expand when I took a job working for a psychic hotline where I served a global client base. Reading for people all over the world, I provided clarity and guidance with integrity, but I began to feel a burden with my work. After sitting in my first Ayahuasca ceremony which changed me irrevocably, I emerged clear that while my intuitive gifts were indeed helpful, I needed to embrace my interest in transpersonal pyschology fully and return to school to gain more skills that I would need to serve those I am here to assist.

Guided by ancient wisdom and modern insights, I now facilitate profound shamanic clearings that catalyze transformative shifts in people's lives. These rituals serve as bridges between the conscious, the subconscious, and the supraconscious, helping individuals release energetic blockages and embrace their innate power. I also provide longer-term support with my 1:1 Psychospiritual Guidance sessions where we combine modalities such as meditation, breathwork, tarot, and shamanic clearings to provide you with ongoing support in weekly sessions on your journey through a season or longer.

While completing my Reiki training, I began a new chapter in my career when I undertook the task of caring for my partner's grandparents who wished to remain together in their home through the end of their lives. While explaining our relocation to an acquaintance, she remarked, "Oh! So you're going to be their death doula."


I had never heard of a death doula before, but she was correct, and for the following year I received my initiation into death care through the many hours I spent caring for them leading up to, during, and after their deaths. I also received formal training from Deanna Cochran through her CareDoula® program, which equipped me with additional tools to guide loved ones through their final journey. Managing a team of seven caregivers and facilitating their deaths, which occurred just two weeks apart, solidified my role as a death doula.

Since then, I have worked with several other families in both long and short-term arrangements as they move through this often arduous rite of passage. With now three years of experience as a death doula, I have had the privilege of walking alongside individuals and families during their most vulnerable moments. My role is to provide compassionate care, creating a sacred space where individuals can explore their fears, desires, and questions about death. Through gentle presence, heartfelt conversations, and practical support, I strive to empower individuals to embrace the fullness of life, even in the face of mortality. From diagnosis to the deathbed, I will walk with you.

Whether you are seeking guidance on the journey of life, preparing for the transition of death, or longing for a deeper connection with your own spirit, I am here to accompany you on this transformative path. Together, we will honor the mysteries, embrace the shadows, and uncover the profound beauty that lies within each and every one of us.

Thank you for considering me as your companion on this extraordinary journey.

I look forward to connecting with you soon.


My cat, Lilly, and I in the Arizona desert during our vagabond days.

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