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Death Care Services

Someday, you too, will make the ultimate journey.

Imagine a journey where you are fully supported, where your voice is heard, and where your choices are honored. A death doula understands the importance of this sacred passage and is committed to providing you with a personalized, meaningful experience as you approach the end of life. With my expertise as a death doula, I will be there as your compassionate witness, offering guidance and comfort every step of the way.


Whether it's helping you plan for your final wishes, ensuring you receive the care you deserve, or supporting your loved ones through the grieving process, I am dedicated to creating a space for you to rise to meet this divine journey. Together, we will navigate this profound transition, embracing the mysteries, uncovering the beauty, and honoring the uniqueness of your life's journey.


Just as the eastern sun illuminates the path with its gentle radiance, my compassionate presence and unwavering support will guide you through the labyrinth of fear, nurturing your inner strength as you navigate the sacred terrain of life's culmination. 

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Each person's journey is unique, and I tailor my services to best suit your needs, wishes, and budget. Together, we will create a personalized approach that honors your values and supports you through this profound time of life and death.


Here are some of the ways I can serve you as your end-of-life doula. 


Empathetic Witness

I offer compassionate support as an empathetic witness to your experience. I will listen deeply, providing guidance and companionship throughout your end-of-life journey. Together, we will navigate the emotional, spiritual, and practical aspects of this transition, ensuring that your voice is heard and your choices are honored.

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Obituary Writing & Legacy Work

I offer assistance in writing obituaries and engaging in legacy work. Together, we can capture the essence of your life, your accomplishments, and your values, ensuring that your legacy is preserved and shared according to your wishes.

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Home Funerals

For those who wish to have a home funeral or a more intimate and personalized farewell, I offer my support as an officiant. I can assist with home funeral planning, coordinating with relevant professionals, and creating a meaningful and sacred ceremony to honor your life and legacy with spiritual reverence.

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Death Planning

From financial and medical considerations to spiritual and emotional preparations, I assist in creating a comprehensive death plan that encompasses all aspects of your end-of-life care. Together, we will address your concerns, make informed decisions, and document your preferences, empowering you to have peace of mind and a sense of control over your final transition.

Reiki Treatment

Holistic Practices

To promote relaxation, comfort, and a sense of peace, I incorporate holistic practices such as Reiki and meditation into our sessions. These practices can help alleviate anxiety and pain, create a calming atmosphere, and support your overall well-being during this sacred time.

Prayer Group

Sitting Vigil

In your final days and hours, I am available to you and your loved ones at all times by phone. In addition, I offer ongoing vigil support day or night, providing caregivers and loved ones with a necessary respite when they need it the most.

I create sacredness in vigil through ritual, aromatherapy, Reiki, music, and other spiritual practices that are sacred to you. I protect the environment you wish to cultivate in your final days.

Hair Washing

In-home Caregiving

I provide compassionate in-home care during this delicate time, offering physical and emotional support. Whether it's assisting with daily tasks such as meal preparation and bathing, providing comfort measures, or simply being a calm companion, I am here to ensure your comfort and well-being in the familiar surroundings of your home.

Nurse with Patient

Advocacy & Coordination

I serve as an advocate for you and your wishes, helping navigate the healthcare system, coordinating with hospice services, and ensuring that your needs are met. I am here to provide guidance, support communication with healthcare professionals, and advocate for your choices regarding pain management, treatment options, and quality of life

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Death Education

Education is an integral part of my approach. I provide information, resources, and guidance to help you and your loved ones understand the various aspects of death, hospice care, and the grieving process.

By fostering knowledge and understanding, I aim to empower you to make informed decisions and find comfort in this transformative time.

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Please schedule a FREE 30-minute consultation to learn more about my death doula services and how I can support you on your unique end-of-life journey.

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